Apologies and Assurances

My apologies for not posting in a while – I had been working on another project (the same one that delayed the last post) and had been pre-occupied with my day job all week. I assure you, there will be at least 3 posts this week including 1 poem. So I hope, dear reader, that you have not given up on me – we have a long, long way to go you and I. The first post will be up later today so stay tuned.

And in the meantime – read the quote on the featured image. It’ll play a big part in what’s next.


Next Post Coming Tonight

My apologies for not posting in a while – I have been working on something rather big and perhaps I’ll tell you about it one day. Just know that it is important, and is filled with Iman. I will finally be taking a break this weekend but rest assured, my piece on Walking will be up before I leave tonight.

Stay tuned, dear reader.

Microscope III: The Trilogy of Prayer

In the last 6 weeks, I have found myself engaging a variety of…spiritual pursuits. The kind that you have already read about and some of the more, eclectic variety – God men and mad men, touts and trumpets, fountains and fantasies. I genuinely enjoyed writing the piece on prayer. It was born out of a rather difficult experience, writing about which was even more cathartic than I originally admitted. As such, I thought I would turn the microscope onto the forms of prayer I had mentioned in that post. 

Stay tuned throughout the upcoming week for my Trilogy of Prayer – Kneeling, Standing, and Walking.