Season 2: Meditations

Did you think I had forgotten you? As if the passage of time would somehow make it easier to let certain things go?

I’m afraid I don’t function that way.

The last few months have been a melange of tricky work situations, confusing social interactions, a deluge of uncontrolled thoughts powerful enough to make me want to put my head through a window on numerous occasions so as to see it shatter into a million pieces.

The last few months have also been spectacular. So much so that I feel the urge to write, to share once again. However, I wanted to treat every burst of motivation as a special occasion, not something I do every week.

This burst is the second “season” of Iman, if you will. Each chapter is an extended, focused microscope. Six chapters, six…meditations.

I must warn you now, this season will be challenging. It is the result of tearing one’s self apart in order to build up something better. What you find buried deep within the walls you so carefully raised that you now find yourself pulling apart, brick by brick.

With any luck these meditations will be, as all meditations are, poignant.

With any luck they will go beyond individual perspective, they will be imperfect like everyone’s unique humanity, and ultimately…hopeful. At least I hope so.

The chapters are titled:

I: The Mountain Man
II: Masks
III: The Sinner
IV: What Heroes Do
V: Into the Void


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